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Hotel and Spa complex 5*, Corfu, Greece


The lot, of total area of about 20 acres, is generally longitudinal, and access to it is possible through the middle of the south-western side. The terrain�s form creates two introverted areas in the lot�s two edges. Taking into account the lush vegetation and the fact that view to the sea is relatively limited, the interesting aspect of the lot is assumed to be the creation of a pleasant and attractive private garden of a large scale which is oriented towards creating a protected space in the theme of dwelling. Inside the lot lies an existing house with a swimming pool of an area approximating 200 square meters in total.
The creation of two separate building complexes is proposed, developing amphitheatrically in the two edges of the lot, with common reference towards the central building on the lower part which hosts common areas. Placement of individual building types of the rooms depends on the smooth incorporation of the buildings in the contours of the terrain as well as finding an access road which is as smooth as possible.
The new hotel unit is structured as a combination of two types of rooms, Α and Β. The variations are in relation to creating rooms which can have two or three beds and be suitable for Persons of Reduced Mobility. Type A has a wide front while B has a narrow front and an atrium. The two types are combined, both in plan and in section, aiming towards fitting the complex to the natural terrain and avoiding the typical apposition of the same room type repetitively. Moreover, rooms are coupled together to form access paths between them and to facilitate unification, resulting in suites of up to 6 beds. The purpose is to create a feeling closer to a settlement than a typical hotel which follows a repetitive pattern.

Collaborator: P. Tsipis


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