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Hotel of a mixed typology with 190 rooms in Lachania, Rhodes island, Greece


The proposal for the hotel�s design includes a combination of elements between a typical hotel and independent housing-to-let. The two-bed and three-bed rooms are concentrated in the typical hotel spatial arrangement as well as the suites which result from the joining of two room volumes.
The central building is formed as a zig-zag line which follows the shape of the torrent defining the south-western limit of the lot. In addition, this ensures the avoidance of the unpleasant long corridors as there is no continuous perspective of movement through an axis.
In contrast, at the points where the building�s shape turns, a walker in the central corridor encounters views towards outdoor covered spaces and stairwells. In that manner, rooms turn to different viewing perspectives granting variety and breaking up the monotony of the building into a more human scale.
In the ground level, rooms with a view towards the torrent have private water areas, while similar areas can be found in the eastern rooms with a view towards the central pool.
Alternatively, instead of the typical accommodation in a hotel room, we propose the design of areas with different qualitative characteristics in rooms which can host families.
The typical �family type� unit consists of a spacious continuous room of significant height which has access to a private swimming pool. Inside the unified space an attic is formed to host children in their own special unit.
The complex is completed with the placement of sports facilities as well as a thematic playground in the northern part.

Collaborators: G. Zoi / V. Tsironis


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