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Local redefinition and productive reintegration of the external deposit of Aminteo mine


Our vision for the study area is the outcome of analysis and evaluation results and it is summarized in the triptych of economic development, social cohesion and environmental protection, highlighting the basic idea that "Earth produces energy - from lignite to renewables".

In this context, the strategic objectives for the area are:
� Harmonization with regional and national scale spatial planning guidelines
� Restoration and upgrading of the deposits� landscape
� Promotion and protection of agricultural land and integration of the area into the broader productive fabric
� Gradual release from lignite-fired power generation
� Preservation of the energy characteristics of the area by promoting the use of renewables
� Improvement of resilience - adaptation to climate change
� Optimal integration of the region into the wider development and production area of Western Macedonia
� Improvement of social cohesion, environmental protection and quality of life, as well as development of the local economy
� Promotion of a sustainable model for energy
� Strengthen the competitiveness of the agri-food sector
� Integration of the wider region into productive networks

The more specific objectives for the area are:
1. To create a productive landscape of alternative forms of energy, exploiting the natural resources of the earth, in order to act as a pilot for the region.
2. To enhance soil fertility and indigenous flora and fauna in order to restore the natural ecosystem balance.
3. To link local agricultural production with the proposed energy crops.
4. To maintain the memory of the mining landscape and its relation to lignite.

In this context, the region is spatially organized into the following zones:
A. The Linear Theme Park, demonstrating the various landscape types associated with lignite and renewables.
B. The Restoration zone
C. The agricultural sector zone devoted exclusively to energy crops

Collaborators: George Kermeliotis, Dr Katerina Gkoltsiou, Anna Ioannidoy


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