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Landscape ecological design of Hydraulic works: The case of Piros Dam, in Greece


The landscape's analysis of the area performed into three levels: socio-economic, ecological and perceptual. Regarding the socio-economic dimension of the area, the abandonment is evident and man-made presence is mostly concentrated to agricultural activities. This is the reason the proposal aimed to transform this haunted landscape to a sustainable park with great ecological value and local and national importance. The complex organization of the landscape design associates the artificial lake and the technical project of the dam with nature, through a series of land uses which honor ecology and wetland�s ecosystems values. The serenity of water penetrates our design and conducts the proposed landscape uses.
In this context, the site was organized spatially into three main zones:
1. An environmental protection zone, exclusively for the protection of wild flora and fauna
2. A zone of anthropogenic interventions (the dam, existing settlements, etc.)
3. A recreation and entertainment zone (theme park, watersports etc).
Collabolators: Dr Marilena Papageorgiou, Dr Katerina Gkoltsiou


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