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Agricultural Innovation Promotion Center - Museum of Soils and Agricultural Technology


The initial conception and signification of the building is the motion of the seed growing in the earth, growing and coming to light, manifesting an initial bump before it sprouts and develops its trunk.
For this reason, it is considered an important gesture to create a central urban square that opens to the landscaped landscape of the park and functions as a transition from the urban environment to the center of rural economy promotion and subsequently to the center of environmental education.
From the arcade area, with appropriate landscape interventions, both the descent towards the square and the complementary ascends to the tops of the building masses are carried out, transforming them into expansions of public urban space and landscape at the same time. An artificial hill is created to provide overview towards the park, the city and the distant view of the mountains of Kissavos and Mount Olympus.
The museological narrative is based on a spatial experience of descent and gradual ascent. The visitor is introduced to the theme of earth generation and is gradually brought to the surface through the "theater" of seeds and waters, where seed samples are presented in showcases and projections are made on the importance of water for agricultural production.
The last section presents developments in agricultural technology as an extension of functions related to current problems in the agricultural sector.
The load-bearing structure of both building volumes is mixed, with concrete and metal. The rectangular grid interrupted by skewed lines is a repeating geometric pattern used in the general intervention. In the two buildings it is expressed through the Corten-type oxidized metal panels and on the floor lines on the square.
Collaborators: S. Adamakis, C. Mpouraza, A. Kouzoupi, N. Golanda, K. Adamakis, Foreas


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