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Archaelogical Museum, Orei, Evia, Greece


The architectural proposal is about a critical intervention in the small coastal town of Orei in northern part of Evia.
One of the most important findings of the broader area is a sculpture of a Bull made by marble. This sculpture, which is in a very good condition, is impressive, due to its size, its kinetic form and its subject that implies an assaulting bull.
This artefact was found accidentally in the sea when a building program for upgrading the harbor took place in 1967. The bull was recovered from the bottom of the coast, was transported on wooden platforms and was placed nearby on the same very place where it stands until now. It is likely that the artefact was placed there as the only empty available public space in near distance. The artifact is quite heavy and its transportation over long distances is difficult and dangerous for its integrity.
According to our perception, the subject matter is not about designing the square of the artefact but actually a square with an artefact that has to be protected.
Our proposal aims to create a vivid public space defining an area where the passerby can cross, sit or be informed about the artefact and its narrative about the condition of its finding and its transportation on wooden platforms or to gaze the scattered ancient findings.
The metal structure is in fact an urban canopy which follows the austere grid of the city and introduce the coastal front continuity and perspective. It incidentally provides the �framework� literally and metaphorically for the glass structure that protect the artefact.
Collaborator: T. Tozaj


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