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"Antoniou Property" , Thessaly, Greece


We approach the problem of restoration as a par excellence architectural problem of reconciling and emphasize the historical memory of the listed edifice and at the same time as a problem of reintroducing it in the community as a public building.
Our goal is the salience of the listed building, the disclosure of the clear architectural form of the neoclassical edifice, the distinction of the separate building phases and the creation of a unified public complex, easily accessible by all. In this way the restored edifice would reflect the contemporary cultural context.
We document our proposals by distinguishing the different historical phases of the existing building and evaluating them according to the functional relation with the initial neoclassical core of the complex. The restoration interventions along with the new proposed compatible constructions, critical for the public use of the new administrative center, consist a reversible group of actions that denote the building technology and the contemporary comprehension of restoration and reuse.


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