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Underground Wine Cellar, Lilantio Plain, Evia, Greece


The concept of the cellar is a continuous spiral line that carries the wine and the visitor, from the light and heat, in a dark and moisture place underground. The descent is formed with a continuous ramp that is necessary both for the movement of the barrel - periodically have to be moved up for washing - and the visitor as well. The barrels are transferred empty from the open space where they are kept into the cellar to get the necessary moisture and then are filled using natural flow from the holes that are left on the slab above. The linear opening has been left as a last reminder of natural light and due to ventilation reason since the presence of carbon dioxide is not uncommon, although the wine is just ageing. The cellar has been built by bare concrete having a coarse earthly form akin to the concept of "terroir", avoiding the graphic depiction of a traditional cellar. The cellar's terrace is covered with gravel and planting.


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