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Office Complex, Conference Center and Health Resort, Almaty, Kazakhstan


Our architectural concept concerns the main square of the field with buildings freely positioned around it. Our land planning proposal is based on the idea of not using the Hippodamian system (grid street planning) and focusing on the translocal aspect of the highway connecting the city of Almaty with the city of Talgar instead. We estimate that the majority of traffic will be between the city of Almata and Business City, so to that end, we propose that the building masses be turned with their larger elevations facing towards the city of Almata. This way, we can succeed in rendering the largest mass of the complex visible from a great distance, while the entrance to Business City will be seen from afar, thus creating a very commanding perspective. As a result of the above, the entrance to the complex follows an almost diagonal orientation. In order to intensify the gravity and individuality of the complex, we propose to create a curve-like road creating circular motion, providing us with the ability to create a free space in the center, while buildings will be freely positioned in the area following a notional bending line. The masses of the four buildings are adequately outlined, thus giving us the opportunity to develop more green space. All four main buildings are orthonormal in shape and assume the basic function of the complex-square. The fifth building, the one borrowing its shape from the curve of the road and the difference in altitude, will function as a hotel and conference Centre.
(Collaborator: S. Grigoriadou)


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