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Archaelogical Museum, Oreoi, Evia, Greece


The forts in the location “Kastro” of Oreoi consist of three separate buildings “A”, “B” and “C”, the general dimensions of which are 18x10, 18x20 and 18x10 respectively.
Building “B” in the middle includes an underground corridor probably leading to the other buildings.
Our architectural proposal to restore and convert the forts into an archaeological museum rests on spotlighting this underground corridor and expanding it, so that it can form the main connective fabric of the three so far separate buildings. To that end, we propose to directly link buildings “A” and “B” and create a circular route in order to conclude the museological narrative.
Moreover, we prefer the underground linkage as an architectural linking element because this way, we can avoid altering the landscape that is as part of the wider archaeological site, as much as the forts themselves have their own unique historical significance. Furthermore, the underground linkage provides us with the ability to vary the spatial quality of the museum: This means that instead of having a single hall where exhibits will be put on display, we propose an interchange of linear and expanded space with corresponding gradations and interchanges of ambient natural and artificial lighting. Building “C” can be used as a storage facility and conservation laboratory with a direct extension to our proposed shelter. By taking advantage of the ground's natural inclination, we can develop an outdoor exhibition route featuring finds from excavations through the development of gradual levels.
As regards the area between buildings “B” and “C”, we propose to build a souvenir shop and a snack bar exiting to sitting areas in the sheltered corridor, as an extension of the underground corridor. In the end of that corridor there will be a wooden construct leading to the dome of building “C” as a landscape belvedere.
The building's existing bearing structure consists of rubble stone walls over a base made of reinforced concrete. Building “C” also has reinforced concrete frames. The underground corridor is made exclusively by reinforced concrete.


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