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Science Center, Belgrade, Serbia


Humanity has developed two ways among others, of approaching reality and that is science and art.
It is almost undeniable that science is the best way of systematical analysis of reality. We are able to build concrete argument through experimentation and observation. Following scientific methods we are able to penetrate into the thick layer of reality in order to discover patterns and unconceale the inner structure of what we call reality.
The most important achievement of science is not the technological development which is actually due to technology, but that scientist have manage to lay down a common language which is exact and austere.
Yet, we have no clue that we are approaching the ultimate truth. Actually we have no evidence that there is one, not even that there is one prevailing system of explanation.
We have to admit that science is an infinite approximation of what is conceived as wholeness, an infinite zoom in of being.
At the other hand art has no method, no rules and the definition of art could be as much as the artists that practice it. Nevertheless through art we are able to comprehend or better grasp reality's wholeness as such without being able to explain what this is.
This twofold relationship of science and art to reality we try to express in our proposal.
We envisaged that the block 39 will be a example of the unity and the complementary role of these two different approaches of human ingenuity and creativity. In this way the building of the centre for promotion of science is a key building of the spatial combination of these two fields.
Our concept is the composition of a Cartesian coordinate system and curves . The former stands for the austere scientific method through which we approach things and the latter stands for the things itself that art produces.
This concept creates a spatial disposition of coordinate axes and curves such as parabola and hyperbola which infinitely converged to point or axis consequently. The coordinate axis is used for the immediate fast access while the curves are used to define areas and more flexible itineraries which direct the pedestrians towards the rest of the facilities in the block.
The concept of the urban development is sprout from the concept of the building and vice versa. The urban and building concept is actually the same idea which applies in different scales.


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