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Pina Bausch Archive and Research Center, Wuppertal, Germany


In the begining there is nothing.
It starts very small and then becomes bigger

Pina's oeuvre is too significant, complicated or just great art form, thus trying to interpret it or simply comprehend it is already a difficult task. Nevertheless it is important and inspiring to involve in such an effort even with unsecure outcome.
Our initial purpose was to design a building devoted to Pina Bausch. Trying to express Pina's choreographies, to conceive theirs emotional power and to transform the body movement in architectural form is a difficult task and perhaps an endless journey. We wanted to grasp the mood and the expressionism of hers choreographies. Later on we realized that maybe there is an actual need of a edifice with a similar use. What began like an exercise and experimentation it seems to have an realistic base. Pina Bausch has left an enormous archive of notes and choreographies that would consist the backbone of a research center devoted to her and to modern dance as well. Such a center it would be an attraction pole in Wuppertal and it would be an essential facility for comprehending, evaluating and preserving her work.
Our proposal cannot be final, not even concluded since we lack of many information that would be necessary for creating a building program. Even the site is not defined and the only thing that we know or imagine is that it should be near to monorail and not in an intense urban setting. Ideally it should be placed in the outskirt of the city or at the edge of a park. It should be an in-between place in-between cultural and natural settings.
Although we wanted to our idea to be characterized by a strong movement we wanted to a small particle that would create the movement like a simple spontaneous feeling that emerges from our inner self and gradually becomes gigantic as it come forth as it is. Such a basic particle we choose cube as an emblematic and foundamental form. Also cube stands for the solid matter of architectural form.
Then we start to move it. We wanted a movement which is three dimensional and not axial, escalated, repeated and fragmented. The architectural form is created from snapshots of this movement. This frozen in time movement create an inner form, an intimate but still public theatre. The base , the stage of our movement is a surface of water an "unstable ground". In this play of contradiction and reiteration of typical common architectural element with different meaning is the surface of the animated cube on which water like tears fall from the upper edge creating a rainy mood and refract the cube surfaces. The composition ends with a diagonal axis of trees that would move together in the wind like a whole ensemble of trees to participate forming the outer limit of the composition
We have imagined that the main function which is the library and archive it is formed like an continuous inclined corridor which pose visitor and researcher in movement. Along this corridor there are horizontal study corners where small groups or individuals can read, listen, watch material. The second unit along the corridor is devoted to sceneries and costumes where model of the sceneries notes and alternatives that weren't finally used are exhibited. At the end where the cube has its biggest form there is a small experimental stage for groups experimenting choreographies as also a holographic projection of choreographies. Along the main itinerary there are several staircase and elevator that leads to the levels below. In these levels we develop the most public facilities of the building such as cafe, restaurant, retail shop for books and music, an periodical exhibition space and a conference hall under the open air theatre. Also there are the administration offices, and spaces necessary of the building function.


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