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Rehabilitation of Grain Tower, Deventer, Holland


Belt conveyor.
The desire of mixing various uses, such as housing, working, innovative production, entertainment and culture, in ways that they can coexist and act together within a vital space for the whole area of the harbour, as a meeting point for the dwellers of Havenkwartier Deventer, as well as for the visitors, leads up to the idea of conveying uses. The arrangement of uses within the intervention area, horizontally as well as vertically, becomes intriguing. The Silo building constitutes by its function, a perfect example. The various mechanical systems of the silo loading and unloading process create storage of products. Ideas such as conveyance and storage also become critical to the architectural concept and designing. The transport of products metaphorically, can also mean storage of uses, exchanging ideas, moving sidewalks, creating thus an intriguing flowing space that can act as a wonderful incubator for new investors and entrepreneurs, as well as an attractive destination for tourists. A belt conveyor system that transports people, products, information, knowledge and new innovatory ideas horizontally and vertically.
In order to achieve all the above, we choose the designation and vertical segregation of public space (such as working,) and private space (such as living), using the Silo building and its structure as main guideline. The parceling of the silo building provides us with the zoning map of various uses by situating all that is public on the ground level of the harbor platforms and vertically in the Silo Building (both High and Zwarte Silo), and all that is private above the ground level.
It is very important to note that we do not wish to destroy silo's architectural character. That is the reason why we choose to preserve the elegant slender lines and the main shell, and intervene on its glass tower using the escalators and elevators to serve us as ways of transport and organator of various functions. We do not wish to overpass the height of the 51m of the silo. Therefore the additional constructions are designed in order to embrace the High Silo, and emphasize its important role as landmark of the city of Deveneter but also with the purpose of creating an “adventurous residential area” for new go getters.
(Collaborator: K. Moreti)


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